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The second part of the Inkubus Sukkubus Tales of Witchcraft and Wonder series.

11 New Tracks and 2 re-workings of Inkubus Sukkubus Classics!


Track listing:

1 Earth to Earth

2 On Meon Hill

3 There is Only the Dead Inside

4 Gallows Lane

5 Witch Hunt (still seeking Sarah)

6 Necro Maria

7 Love Spell (re-loved)

8 Belas Knap

9 Kicking Up Skirts

10 At the Gate in the Park 

11 Power of the Witch

12 The House on the Hill

13 Emerald


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Barrow Wake - Tales of Witchcraft and Wonder

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As part of our Quarter Century here is the PDF to download of our Lyric Book from 1993

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During the 1980s Tony McKormack was in the Horror Punk band The Screaming Dead, recently a book has been written about them please click the link below to find out more


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